please help my country.

Australia is on fire.

It's been burning out of control for two months, and things will continue this way for months to come.

In Australia, summer is usually humid and rainy while being fiendishly hot. This year, due to the undeniable scientific fact of climate change, it is simply dry and fiendishly hot, which leads to fires.
While a very small percentage of these are indeed lit by arsonists, the vast majority have begun because of changes in our climate.
Eucalyptus trees, for example, are horrendously flammable, because they are filled with oil, more or less. The hotter they get, the more likely they are to literally explode. And when one eucalypt goes up in flames, the rest follow.
Fires are also started by 'dry storms' -- storms that produce lightning but very little to no rain. The vegetation is dry and brittle from the drought, so when lightning hits...flames again.
Because of climate change, this has all been exascerbated tenfold. This is unprecendented.
This is absolute hell on earth.

In a word, yes. But our corrupt press (hi, Mr. Murdoch) and our current useless government are open climate change deniers.
These are their fires.
While there is always a bushfire season in Australia -- it's simply part and parcel of living in a drought-prone country with usually dry winters leading into savage summers. But due to climate change, the droughts are more severe, and our summer monsoons are not forecast. There will be little, if any, natural reprieve.
However, this doesn't mean we can't enact our usual preparations, or even intensify those preparations seeing as we know that climate change has happened. We were given quite a bit of warning.
But those who wanted to do so were scuppered at every turn. The press chooses to run articles that paint these fires as "totally normal" (they're not) and majority lit by arsonists (they weren't).
And our Prime Minister? The leader of our country?
Took a secret vacation to Hawai'i while the country he was sworn to serve burned, and then took twenty-four hours to leave when this finally got out.
In the meantime? The country kept on burning, and underfunded and short-staffed volunteer firefighter battalions were worked into literal exhaustion.
The following video from FriendlyJordies is an impassioned explaination of the entire shameful mess.

Over a billion of our native wildlife, which is already endangered, has been incinerated. Let me repeat that: over a billion.
More than 19 million acres are either burned or still burning.
The air quality around the country is suffering -- the smoke is even blowing towards our neighbours in New Zealand, and is in fact going to circle the entire globe. Yes, you can see this smoke from space. The carbon emissions from this hellfire are too great to imagine.
27 lives have been lost -- some of these people have been fireys themselves. Two of them young fathers, only days before Christmas.
Thousands of people are homeless -- they have nothing anymore, simply ashes.
These numbers are only going to rise as the burning continues, I updated them within the first twenty-four hours of this site being active. I literally felt sick as I did so.

"how can I help?"

Thoughts and prayers are kind, but shit useless. I say this as a spiritual person who very much respects anyone's faith. Thoughts and prayers are a comfort for those who pray, not for the victims.
So please, spare us those. We need your money more than your prayers. There's never a polite way to say that, but the time for politeness has passed.
If you have even just the sparest change, please, please donate to the following charities and services. Any of them, whichever takes your fancy, however little. Every little bit adds up. As my countrymen say, you're a bloody legend.